"We discovered that education is not what the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being."
~Maria Montessori 
Primary Program (3-6 years)








The Primary program serves preschool and Kindergarten children aged 3-6 years of age. The classroom environment is based on the work of Maria Montessori. The Montessori method encourages independence and views children as intrinsically motivated learners. The prepared environment supports children as they grow cognitively, emotionally and socially through hands-on work, peace education, Grace and Courtesy lessons and nature/cultural based unit studies. The goals of the Primary Class are to guide children through their respective “sensitive periods,” allowing freedom to repeat as necessary, and to progress at their own rates of speed. 

In the first year, children learn to focus on socialization skills and lessons in practical life (moving, pouring, clothing, food preparation, etc).  During the course of the year the children repeat an activity over and over, learning to direct their attention to detail in sequencing and completing a work cycle.

The second year the child begins to foster a keen sense of self which manifests itself in eagerness and self-control.  The work period is longer and the attention span begins to increase.

Kindergarten students complete a work cycle in the morning with the younger students and serve as role models in the classroom along with tackling more advanced works. Kindergarten works with elementary grades in the afternoons. 

Primary Program Schedule:

8:30 Arrival

8:40 Morning Meeting

9:00 Morning Work Cycle 

11:00 Music or Spanish

11:30 Outdoor Play

12:30 Dismissal morning students & lunch for all day students

1:00 Quiet time (Kindergarten moves to Lower Elementary)

2:00 Afternoon Work Cycle 

3:00 Dismissal