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"We discovered that education is not what the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being."
~Maria Montessori 
Our Programs:

Our school currently has 2 Primary Classrooms and 1 Lower Elementary Classroom.

Half day (an option for ages 3 & 4) is 8:30am - 12:30pm. Nap time is from 12:30-2:30pm

Full day is 8:30 - 3pm 

Primary Class (ages 3-6)

We have two primary classrooms. These rooms are for children aged 3-6. Kindergarten is also in this room. 

Our program focuses on practical life skills, refinement of senses, language, and mathematics. We use hands-on opportunities in our classrooms to offer a wide range of subjects including physical science, geography, and history. Our unique approach to early education will help develop a love of lifetime learning in your child.

Our individual curriculum includes:

  • Sensorial material that helps to provide your child with the ability to order, classify and describe sense experiences.

  • Manipulative materials help teach Mathematics to ensure your child grasps key concepts of numbers and symbols.

  • Self Expression through the vehicles of Music and Art aids in communication development.

  • Practical life activities include the development of control and movement, concentration and purposeful work.

Lower Elementary (1st - 3rd)

Heading 1

Lupine Montessori School is excited to offer the only Elementary Montessori program in Northern NH (north of the notch). Like our Primary Program, our Elementary program is multi-aged and allows students to work independently and in small groups at their own pace.


Cosmic education was the term used by Dr. Montessori to describe the elementary curriculum. The curriculum aids the general development of the child’s understanding of his/her place in and impact on their community and the world at large. The curriculum is rich and includes: Math, language, geography, history, science and literature, music, art and foreign language. The students have time to pursue individual interests as well as attend individual and group lessons to meet learning goals/targets. 

Our Elementary program will serve children ages 1st-3rd grade. We plan on expanding one grade level each year. 

Childcare Program

Lupine Montessori offers before and after care programs. ​Students may play outside, play indoor games, enjoy STEAM activities, enjoy pretend and dramatic play with childcare toys and take part in after care clubs (Lego Club, Game & Puzzle Day, etc.) 


Morning Care 8-8:30am

Afternoon Care 3-5pm  

Music Program

Lupine Montesssori School offers a music education program to all students. We offer one class for Primary and another for Lower Elementary students. Our music program consist of singing children's songs, folk songs and holiday/seasonal songs along with lots of fun movement activities. Children will learn and practice basic rhythms and note reading while playing rhythm and percussion instruments. We will introduce them to composers, instruments of the orchestra and listen to musical tales such as Peter and the Wolf, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and more!


For an additional fee, private piano lessons will be given for children 5 and older (or with instructor's permission). 

Lupine Montessori will give two performances each year. One during the winter holiday season and another at the end of school event. 

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